Special Forces Zip Baffle (Centre Zip)


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Man kan koppla ihop sovsäckarna Special Forces 1 samt Special Forces 2 med denna del och på så sätt få ett system av varmare sovsäck, dvs 2 st sovsäckar i en.

”This system has been designed for ultimate versatility, and to suit any trip in any environment. You can use the sleeping bags individually or layer them together to cover all conditions.

The Complete System gives you the Special Forces 1 Bag for use in above freezing temperatures and the Special Forces 2 Bag for use in temperatures right down to -10°C. Then, when you’re in extreme conditions,

you place the Special Forces 2 Bag inside the Special Forces 1 Bag and join them together with the extra zip baffle, so you’re protected in conditions right down to -20°C. Ingenious!

When joined in this way, you retain the convenience of closing and opening with one central, quick release zip. Both bags have a reinforced foot area and come with their own stuff sack to keep everything together.

Available for purchase as a whole system or can be built up from the various Special Forces sleeping bags.”


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