Liggunderlag Antactica



In very cold weather, self‐inflating, rubber‐based mats often crack when rolled and valves can freeze, rendering them useless. The Antarctic mat uses only sleeping bag insulation to prevent heat loss, so no need to worry about anything cracking or freezing.

The Antarctic mat utilises a layer of sleeping bag insulation to prevent convective heat loss between your body and the ground. Any perspiration that is wicked away from your sleeping bag will also wick through to the bottom of the mat, leaving your sleeping bag dry.   The UK made Antarctic mat uses our exclusive Softie Premier insulation, the same insulation we use in all of our UK made sleeping bags.

The Antarctic mat was co-developed with our Brand Ambassador Erik Ledroit, you can read more about Erik on our community website here

Lightweight: Lighter than a traditional self-inflating mat.
UK Made: Support British manufacturing and enjoy superior British quality.
Ground Protection: The Antarctic mat can be used under the tent floor, directly on the ground to protect the tent floor from the brush and stones.
Easy to repair: Easily repairable should an accident happen, when out in the field the Antarctic mat can be repaired with a simple roll of duct tape and it will still work as normal.
High wicking: Any perspiration that is wicked away from your sleeping bag will also wick through to the bottom of the mat, leaving your sleeping bag dry.
Compression Stuff Sack: The Antarctic mat is supplied with a compression sack, which helps reduce its volume. This means you can keep the mat inside your rucksack, rather than being forced to keep it on the outside of your backpack like traditional sleeping mats.
Combine Two Sleeping Mats: By combining two mats together using the Velcro around the edges you can create an emergency sleeping bag, or a double layered sleeping mat.
Use anywhere: The Antarctic mat is much more adaptable than a self inflating or rolling mat, because the Antarctic mat uses insulation, you have the ability to fold or squash into different configurations like in a hammock or a tight floor space.
Double up as a Poncho or extra insulation: The Antarctic mat has Velcro along the edges so you can use it as a poncho on your shoulders, or even wrap it around your body for some extra insulation when sitting down. It can even be used as a simple Hammock under blanket!
Vikt: 560 g
Made In The UKSupport British manufacturing and enjoy superior British quality
  • Dimensions: 185cm x 70cm / 73″ x 28″
Outer Fabric (100% Nylon)

Paratex light is lightweight, highly windproof, water repellent fabrics, exceptionally breathable and able to wick moisture away from source.

Insulation (100% Polyester)

Randomised fine filament fibres create extra voids and loft to trap more warm air, whilst keeping the same weight as a standard insulation.


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