All Weather Shelter Tarp


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Designed by experienced military veterans, the Snugpak® All Weather Shelter can provide you with protection from Sun, Wind, Rain and Snow all year round. Designed as a diamond shaped (Rhombus) tarp, the All Weather Shelter can be configured as a Fly, Tarp, Lean-to Shelter, Emergency Bivvi, as well as other free standing shelter designs, making it ideal for Wild Camping, Fast and Light Ventures and Expeditions or as an emergency shelter for both individuals and small groups; it can also be utilised as an emergency stretcher if necessary.

The Shelter is a light foliage green, making it suitable for use in the British Countryside, and is compliant with the current codes of practise for Wild Camping. It comes complete with 4 extendable Guy-Lines, and 8 lightweight Alloy Tent Pegs.

Common Tarp Systems are often small and rectangular, making the design and construction of a suitable shelter for inclement weather difficult: The Snugpak® All Weather Shelter is 3m2, allowing shelter designs to incorporate both users and their equipment in a variety of traditional tarp configurations, as well as more ingenious, free-standing styles, with other equipment, such as walking poles, paddles etc.

Free-standing Shelters can be constructed in environments and terrain without the traditional need to perfectly spaces trees. Using ordinary equipment, such as walking poles, the Snugpak All Weather Shelter can be constructed so that is free-standing, in a variety of designs to protect the user in different configurations depending on the inclement weather. From standard 45° lean-to wind breakers to the encompassing protection of a Manta Shelter, the impressive 2000m Hydrostatic Head will keep you dry in wet weather.

Carried as an additional safety item for group leaders of outdoor activities, the All Weather Shelter can be configured in a Big-Top Design, allowing 4 or more people to shelter underneath if caught in inclement weather, making it an ideal refuge that will allow you to prepare and change clothing if necessary.

If benighted, individuals can use the small lightweight poppers along the edges to turn the All Weather Shelter into an impromptu bivvy bag, creating a waterproof, contained, sleeping area.

In a time-critical emergency, where the situation dictates that a casualty needs to be moved for safety reasons, the All Weather Shelter can be configured as an emergency stretcher. Simply fold the shelter in half to form a rectangle and then tie an large overhand knot in each corner.

• Complete Weight: 1000g, including Components
• AWS Weight (Stand Alone): 750g
• Light & Fast Weight: 900g Shelter + Guylines and 4 Tent Pegs (No Packaging)
• Material: PU Coated 210T Rip Stop Nylon for Durability
• Waterproof: 2000mm Hydrostatic Head
• UVF Factor: SPF30 Protection
• Seams are taped and sealed for waterproofness
• Webbing tabs are reinforced along the sides.
• Reinforced webbing tabs along sides
• Supplied with own stuff sack


Colours Available Olive
Weight Complete: 1000g, including Components
AWS (Stand Alone): 750g
Light & Fast: 900g Shelter + Guylines and 4 Tent Pegs (No Packaging)
Dimensions Shelter: 305cm (L) x 305cm (W)
Total Area 9.3m2
Pack Size Shelter only 24cm (L) x 12cm (W)
Origin Imported
Seasons Multi-season (All Year Use)


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